Sabinsa’s VP scientific affairs Anurag Pande Ph.D. speaks at Nutraceutical and Functional Food Summit in Beijing

Sabinsa’s Vice President of Scientific Affairs, Anurag Pande PhD, will moderate and speak on a panel at the 6th China International Nutraceutical and Functional Food Summit 2016, held on November 15th–17th2016 in Beijing Crowne Plaza.

The Panel Discussion, Market Trends and Innovative Ingredients Applied in Functional Food R&D, will take place on Wednesday November 16th.

The three-day summit will bring together industry members to discuss timely and pertinent developments in the health food industry. Notably, representatives from the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) and other regulators will provide official interpretations of the newly issued health food supervision laws and related catalogues. Focused presentations and panel discussions will analyze specific categories of functional foods with promising market outlooks, including sports nutrition products, food supplements, health food for seniors, and functional water. Other summit content will detail marketing health foods to Chinese consumers, and nutrition and dietary-related data essential for research and product development.

As a supplier with a commitment to research and development in the health products industry, Sabinsa’s expertise will complement the full array of participants among whom include regulators, delegates from professional associations, and officers representing companies involved in a diverse range of products and services associated with functional foods and nutraceuticals. In addition to the delegates committed, professionals who work for companies in food production, distribution, retail, food packaging, and consulting, as well as other related fields, will attend.

Greater awareness and health-consciousness among the general public have made functional foods and nutraceuticals one of the most promising consumer markets in the world, expected to grow at a compounded annual rate exceeding 7% from 2016-2020. China has a substantial elderly and middle-aged population, accounting for half of its health food market, making it an especially important target for growth in functional foods and nutraceuticals.