Clinical evidence

Study design

A placebo controlled randomized, double blind, parallel‐group study comparing the efficacy and safety of LeanGard®. 500mg of LeanGard or a placebo was given twice daily to 50 over‐weight subjects, 24 men and 26 women ranging in age from 25 to 55 years.

Scientific findings

After 12 weeks of supplementation of 500mg two times daily:

  • 7.5% reduction in body weight (1.1% decrease in placebo)
  • 6.47% decrease in hip/weight ratio (1.89% increase in placebo)
  • 7.45% decrease in BMI (Body Mass Index) (1.09 decrease in placebo)
  • 8.15% decrease in body fat (1.18% decrease in placebo)
  • 4.36% increase in lean body mass (0.67% increase in placebo)
  • 4.50% decrease in BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) (0.64% decrease in placebo)
LeanGard® – Mean change in Body fat, Body weight and LBM
Key benefits
  • Reduces body weight in four different measured parameters
  • increases muscle and lean body mass
  • Increases basal metabolic rate
Safety and quality
  • No side effects were reported in the 12-week study
  •  No significant changes in blood pressure or heart rate were reported
  •  No significant changes in hematological parameters (liver function, renal function, thyroid function, and plasma lipid levels were reported

The results of the clinical trial of LeanGard qualify this multi-component nutraceutical as an emerging natural weight loss formula. This is an effective and clinically safe dietary supplement for healthy weight management support.